More about the program, life in Spain, the schools, host families and a bit of everything in between :)

Our April – June 2024 Voluntary Speakers have arrived!

We're absolutely thrilled to kick off our April to June program with the arrival of our wonderful Voluntary English Speakers from England, Ireland, America, and Australia in Barcelona! Huge thanks to the Vedruna Schools and amazing Host Families for the incredibly warm welcome. Let the fantastic adventures of cultural and linguistic immersion begin😊

Shaun from Ireland. My experiences in school have been nothing short of brilliant and amazing, from the teachers to students everyone has been a delight to be around.

I have absolutely 0 regrets about joining this program for so many reasons. The first one being the experience you gain from a teaching perspective is huge and if you're looking to pursue a career in teaching and aren't sure what you want to do, this is a great way to find out if you enjoy the environment. Secondly you can meet some great people and make new friends. I think what I liked most about the program is that you're not alone and can talk to the other volunteers and relate to them.

Julie Gill from Australia. I built a strong relationship with both the parents and the children in my host family. My host mum always gives me great advice and I find her very inspiring.

One reason I chose to undertake this program was to develop my skills in teaching English as a second language to students. Over the years, I have had multiple students who are EOSL and felt I didn’t always know how to best support them. This program has enabled me to learn about pedagogies, curriculums and materials to support me in this program