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who join us come from all walks of life. Maybe you have a clear idea of what your future holds, maybe you not done deciding that yet.  We are really interested in exploring the strengths of each potential candidate and looking at how we can make them grow. Also, it is important to mention that a knowledge of Spanish or Catalan is not a requirement to join us, however as a base we are looking for a minimum of the following:

The ApplicationProcess

As Easy as 1,2,3


Get in touch expressing an interest to join the program. We will then ask you to complete an application form and send it back to us.


Applicants will be invited to attend a relaxed online interview where the team will get to know more you and your reason for applying. This time is also perfect for you to ask any questions you may have about the program and the experiences it offers.


You have been selected, great next is to 

  1. Send us a short video where you introduce yourself and explain you reasons for wanting to join the program.
  2. Book your flights.
  3. Take out travel and life insurance
  4. Get a criminal background check.

Then host family, school and tutor details are provided so you can get in touch to get to know each other, build a relationship and feel really confident about the adventure you are going to take even before you have set foot on the plan to Barcelona.

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Discover more about our Volunteer program in Spain from members of the team and Voluntary Speakers who are on the program or have graduated.

Julie Gill from Australia. I built a strong relationship with both the parents and the children in my host family. My host mum always gives me great advice and I find her very inspiring.

One reason I chose to undertake this program was to develop my skills in teaching English as a second language to students. Over the years, I have had multiple students who are EOSL and felt I didn’t always know how to best support them. This program has enabled me to learn about pedagogies, curriculums and materials to support me in this program

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