Month November 2023

Julie Gill from Australia. I built a strong relationship with both the parents and the children in my host family. My host mum always gives me great advice and I find her very inspiring.

One reason I chose to undertake this program was to develop my skills in teaching English as a second language to students. Over the years, I have had multiple students who are EOSL and felt I didn’t always know how to best support them. This program has enabled me to learn about pedagogies, curriculums and materials to support me in this program

Amy from South Africa. Spanish families are much like South African families, close knit and the parents are very involved in their children’s lives. When staying with a family you will become one of their children, so communication is key. Let the family know your schedule so that they can prepare they’re schedule according to yours and vice versa.

My experience has been so good, I didn’t have any expectations but the general experience has been fun. I’ve made many many friends. I absolutely love Spain, it’s safe and it’s beautiful! There’s not enough time to explore!

Paulina from Ireland. The time really does go by quickly. I have no regrets. I am glad I applied for this program as I am gaining teaching experience and I see what the day in the life of a teacher looks like.

In the school: One of the best moments for me is seeing a personality change within the group of teenagers that I teach. Some of them went from having no interest and not participating to making jokes and laughing and enjoying the class. It is nice to see that change happen, the students become more open, and they give me ideas on what they like to do.

Rebecca from Ireland. I would definitely recommend the program, as I’ve mentioned already, the work/life balance is great, you are gaining so much experience but also have free time to do whatever you want!

My expectations have definitely been met while on this program - maybe they have even been exceeded. Teaching is always something I was interested in doing and this experience has solidified that for me! You don't get opportunities like this in Ireland so I am very grateful that this program has given me the space to find out for myself if teaching is a career path I would like to explore further.

Loretta from Ireland. I have no regrets in joining this program. I would highly recommend coming here if you would like to experience teaching and the experience of living here in Spain.

So far, I have become more confident when it comes to preparing materials for the classes and now I know the level of English for each class. I have also become more confident and independent as a person as this is my first time in a different country on my own.