Kaetlyn from America. My experience with this school has been like no other. I have grown relationships with not only the students but the staff as well. I look at every individual here as if there are my family.

My expectations for this program have been beyond met. This town, the school, and the people have made this place a home for me. Coming here I expected to make a difference to some students, but I never expected this town, school, and these people to change my life in a way that they have.

Feidhlim from Ireland. No regrets. Just do it. Open your mind and eyes and enjoy the process. Every day is a school day. This program offers the right amount of experience for anyone thinking about teaching as a possible career.

Getting out of your comfort zone every day is essential for growth as I have learned with this program. Overtime I became more organized, and it gave me confidence to be more assertive in the teaching position and I became more creative with my material as a result. I’ve learned what it takes to improve and succeed.

Lucrezia from Ireland. I definitely don’t regret doing this programme and I highly recommend it to anyone trying to figure out who they are and what they want to be.

Overall, my experience so far has been positive, I’m happy I took the chance to do this programme. It is very rewarding in the sense that you learn a lot about yourself, develop new skills, meet new people, you develop an interest in a new culture and language and potential career path. My current experience has outweighed my prior expectations, although it hasn’t been perfect, it is still something I’d do again if I had the chance.